CONBS1 Embroidered Fuchsias with Swag Border Quilt

70 x 90 inches
New England

Almost an antique, this violet and white fuchsia with swags quilt has been perfectly executed. The graphics, the embroidery, the applique, and the quilting, all absolutely perfect.

In the 19th century, the swag would have been the outside border of the quilt. During the 20th century the swag was appliqued on the inside border of the quilt, in this case overlapping on to the main body of the textile.

This quilt has a 13-1/2 inch border with a quarter inch separately applied binding. All applique and embroidery were executed by hand. The blocks and the sashing were pieced by machine. There are 12 approximately 13-3/4 by 16 inch blocks, each one depicting a graceful branch of fuschias. All flowers, branches and leaves are outline quilted.

The border is double lined quilted, normally indicative of the 1840s. Was this quilt made by someone who was instructed by a family member who is passing down a tradition from earlier generations? The purple swags and corner ribbons and the circles joining the swags are all outline quilted. The circle extends over into the main body of the quilt and has a double row of outline quilting. The main body of the quilt has rows of quilted chain design joined by a qilted flowers pattern. All of the quilting is double lined.

This masterfully created visually wonderfull quilt has many aspects that are reminiscent of the 19th century yet was created in the 20th century and is almost a true antique. We have a quilt that was never used and never washed. I have now organically hand washed this quilt and it is ready to be sent to your home, with free shipping for your approval.