CONBW1 Snowball Quilt

78 x 78 inches

A snowball quilt is a rarity, and this one is a beauty! A mint quilt means never used and never washed...I have organically hand washed this quilt, making it now in a category called "unused". A two color quilt in a very patriotic Blue and white that would fit a queen bed or become a cozy throw.

A quilter must really be proficient to use a colored thread for quilting. This talented woman quilted with a matching blue thread, enabling the miniature 4-1/2" medallions to visually stand out. Between each 2-1/2" snowball there is a block, on point, of a quilted medallion outlined with a double row of quilting. There is a double blue and one white. Each border measures 3-1/4" in width. There is a 1/2" separately applied binding in the same very wonderful 1950's blue. The double border is quilted on the diagonal, with double line quilting mirroring the double line quilting around each medallion.

All work on this very happy quilt was executed by hand! The snowballs were hand appliqued onto the white fabric. The condition of this quilt is perfect.

I am happy to send this quilt, with free shipping, for your approval.