CONCA1 Optical Illusion Double Wedding Ring Quilt

78 x 88 inches
New Hampshire

This mint condition quilt may be an original optical illusion design of the well known Double Wedding Ring pattern.

Created from dozens of fine English fabrics made by Liberty Of London. One can easily see different design patterns perfectly executed all by hand. In addition to this unusual pattern the maker has surrounded the quilt's border with a brick design taking this graphically amazing design to another level. A border on a quilt is comparable to the frame on a painting with its importance both visually and technically.

The joining squares, which actually have created the Nine Patch pattern, measure 2" X 2". The curved pieces in the Wedding Ring circle measure 1/2" x 2" X 3/4". The border bricks measure 10" in length and are actually comprised of 5 2" squares. The 3/8" white binding is separately applied also by hand.

Provenance upon sale.