CONCA3 Linsey Homespun Lemon Peel Quilt

86 x 87 inches
Groton, New Hampshire (family provenance upon sale

Early quilts made to use on post beds are a New England creation. Many early beds had posts at either two or four corners of the bed. Clever New Englanders designed quilts made to fit those beds. These designs worked for two reasons... Why make extra work and use extra precious fabrics when the corners would not fit properly with a square or rectangle quilt. This pattern makes such a neat looking bed. I have never known of a quilt made with this pattern outside of New England.

Normally I do not sell a quilt that needs any kind of restoration, even minor as in this case. This exception is due to the fact that this is a very rare early consignment quilt. There are a very very few moth holes that we are able to weave for the new owner at no extra expense.

Three to four years would be about the time it would have taken to create this early homespun Linsey Lemon Peel quilt. All fibers were raised at home..then spun into thread..then woven into cloth..then made into a quilt. All threads used in the quilting were also linen. There are four different homespun fabrics used for this quilt. The 6" borders are a deep rust, the ovals are a lighter rust and the backing is a natural color linen. The homespun linen thread used for quilting is also a rust color. Quilting is outline as well as design. Quilts such as this one were so sturdy that they seem to last forever and now over 200 years old.

This rare collector's quilt is ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.