CONCA5 Turkey Tracks Quilt Top

76 x 76 inches

A graphic early quilt top that was designed and pieced perfectly. The tiny stitches are so even that they could be mistaken for machine stitching!

The fabrics used here are Turkey Red, Tobacco dyed Green, and White. The Turkey Tracks blocks measure 11-1/2" and are on point. The wonderful border, taking this quilt top to a higher design level, is comprised of five 1" rows of green, red and white. The width of the border is now 5-1/2". The outer green strip has that extra 1/2" for the seam allowance needed to attach the binding. The corner joining blocks are executed in a checkerboard pattern of 1" squares.

Antique quilt tops were never washed before quilting as is this one. There are some stains on this top reflected in the price.

I am happy to send, on approval, with free shipping, for your approval.