CONCA6 LaMoyne Star Quilt

72 x 76 inches
New Hampshire or Maine

This LaMoyne Star quilt is in the much loved color of Indigo Blue with white. Blue is the most popular color in this country. Indigo dyed fabrics come in a variety of shades depending upon how many times the cloth is put into the Indigo bath and for how long.

These stars are comprised from a medium Indigo Blue Calico. There are 36 LaMoyne Stars all hand pieced. All work in the construction and quilting was executed by hand. The binding was turned over from the back to the front and closed by machine. This was a way for a woman to say she possessed a sewing that time only for the more affluent. With all her work done by hand using a sewing machine for closing the binding, was not needed ...let's call it a statement.

Diamonds have 2" sides that are hand outline quilted. The white blocks have crosshatched diagonal quilting 1" apart. There are two 3-1/2" borders and one 3" border. These borders have straight line diagonal quilting 1" apart. The quilting is average, the Star graphics wonderful!

If this quilt was used it was very seldom.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.