CONCA7 Double Irish Chain Quilt

84 x 84 inches
Maine or New Hampshire

Red and white quilts are the second most popular color combination in our country. This Double Irish Chain quilt is comprised of only solid red and white fabrics.

Piecing on this quilt was done both by hand and by machine, while all quilting is beautifully executed by hand. Each square has 1-1/2" sides and are quilted with diagonal quilting. The white joining areas are quilted with beautiful wreaths, also called medallions. Taking this quilt to a higher graphic and collectable level is the 7-1/2" quadruple border. There are three 1" strips with the outer border measuring 4". The binding is only 1/4" making it harder for the quilter to work with. The border's quilting is a diagonal grid 1/2" apart.

Solid color quilts are the easiest to blend in with a home's decor as there are not competing calico prints.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.