CONCH1 Indigo and White Folksy Bay Leaf Design
71 x 85 inches
Believed to be from New York

Amazing quilting! Graphically wonderful and perfectly executed, this unusual quilt has a folksy feel to it even though executed by a premier sewer and quilter. Completely hand sewn and hand appliqu├ęd, this quilt was made before the sewing machine was in public use. Showing 30 indigo and white pieced Bayleaf blocks, on point, the work has been executed with minuscule stitches. There is double line quilting in the blue, white and yellow calico blocks fabric pieced and appliqued Bay leaf blocks. All the indigo blocks are on point. Joining them are white blocks containing wreath medallions with cross-hatch quilting in the center and completely surrounded by stippling. The massive amount of quilting used in stippling makes these areas of the quilt look stuffed. A client purchased this quilt from me,20 years ago. The owner has had this wonderful quilt hanging on his wall as major art. Since he's now downsizing, his quilt is ready to go to another home. Organically washed and ready for your approval at home.