CONCM1 Garden Maze and New York Beauty

68 x 86 inches
Origin unknown

A beautifully executed combination of the early New England Garden Maze pattern and the New York Beauty pattern. The inside blocks measure 10” square with all applique work pieced onto linen fabric. Joining blocks of the Garden Maze have a 3/4” border with a 3” white linen joining section. The same double raspberry print is used in the outline of the Garden Maze as is used in constructing the 9 patch blocks of the New York Beauty pattern. The triangles that make up the New York Beauty measure 1-3/8 x 1-3/8 x 1/2”. Created around 1860, this exquisite quilt has been completely executed by hand. The joining blocks have wave quilting, a New England and or Eastern style. The New York Beauty blocks are diagonally quilted in 3/8” grids. The backing is linen and the seams are joined by using a minuscule stitch. A 1/4” binding finishes the edge. A spectacular piece of art for your bed or wall. Organically hand washed and now ready to be sent for your viewing and approval.
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