CONDS1 Amish Triple Irish Chain with Folk Art Border
c. 1945
84 x 87 inches
New England

A chance to own, what seems to be, a one of a kind Amish quilt. This stunning Amish Triple Irish Chain quilt has been perfectly created from 1-1/2” squares and edged with a 4-1/4" border on two sides and a 1-1/4” edging on the other two sides. The very edge, all around the quilt, is finished with a 7/8" strip. The folky and unusual Amish tabs, on the outside of the quilt, measure 1-1/8" in height and 2-1/8” in width. Having an original design Amish quilt is a true oxymoron going outside the norm of their culture. I’ve looked everywhere to find another quilt similar to this one, only to no avail. Machine pieced, as Amish quilts were, and hand quilted, this whimsical Irish chain is made from all the variety of solid cotton fabrics worn by the Amish at this time. The quilt feels spontaneous and happy. This quilt will fit a queen size bed with a 12” drop or a king bed with the tabs going over the top edge. This quilt is truly a major piece of art for your bed or wall. Even though there’s a lot of quilting, the stitches are not small and even as with most Amish pieces. Is it possible that these quilting stitches may have been done by a child? Organically washed and ready for your home. Always sent on approval.

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