CONDS2 Amish Bars Quilt with Sawtooth Inner Border

63 x 76 inches
Believed to be from Holmes County, PA

This very graphic Cotton Amish Bars quilt will perfectly fit a twin or double size bed. Personally - I think it’s a perfect size for a stunningly graphic wall hanging. Completely created from cotton using the same solid color fabrics as used in making their Amish clothing.
This quilt is comprised of 6 colors, all cotton fabrics, including two shades of black. The outer border measures 7” with the outside 5/8”of the border being the binding of the quilt. The sawtooth edging was created from triangles measuring 2-1/8 x 2-1/2 x 3-3/8” with all pieceing, as usual, done by using a treadle machine. The beautiful hand quilting, in a light colored thread, has nice even and small stitches. The bars have cross hatched 1-1/8” diagonal grids. The 4 inner black strips have been quilted in a chain design. The outer 2 bars have a design that reminds me of a barber’s pole. The sawtooth border is outline quilted and the outer border is arc quilted. The backing is a solid black.
A stunning piece that appears to be unused. We are always happy to send on approval.
In perfect condition, organically washed by hand and ready to be sent for your approval.