CONDS3 Lancaster County Amish Double Nine Patch Quilt

85 x 87 inches
Lancaster County, PA

This amazing Amish Double Nine Patch quilt has been created with wool crepe blocks on point. Wool crepe quilts are some of the earliest Amish pieces. This quilt consists of a typically wide 1-1/2” taupe binding, 11-1/2” outer dark blue border on three sides and the forth side a greenish blue. There is a 3-1/2" inner red rust border joining the blocks, four 3-1/2 x 3” bold green inner corner squares and four 11 x 11-1/2” magenta inner corner squares. The inner blocks are green, rust, blues, browns, grey and all the other colors of the various adult clothing of that era. One thing that is unusual is the variety (or lack of consistency) of colors. I find this interesting. The back of this quilt is a teal whole cloth. The quilting of vines, grapes, wreaths, cross hatching and hearts are all exquisitly executed. The quilted heart design indicates that this was indeed a wedding gift. Many times these wedding gifts have lasted because they were cherished and not often used. This quilt has a few original moth holes that I’d be happy to restore for the purchaser at no extra charge. The quilt will fit a queen size bed or become an amazingly graphic art piece for your wall. Ready to be sent for your viewing and approval.