CONDS4 Lancaster County Amish Bars with Corner Squares
c. 1900
75 x 82 inches
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

The true colors seem impossible for me to capture...these are the best we seem to take.
This quintessential Lancaster Amish Bars quilt is comprised of a rich deep coffee, a rich red/burgundy and a deep medium blue. The four border blocks are a signature of the Lancaster Amish quilts. Amish woman in the early part of the 20th century and before used wool as their first choice in fabrics. The fabrics used here are fine wool challis. The exception in fabric type is the cotton whole-cloth backing in a tiny muted check. Amish woman were allowed to use printed, plaid or check fabric for the backings of their quilts. Not seen is not being pretentious.
The Bars on this quilt measure 6" in width with an 11-1/2" outer border and a 2-3/4" inner border which circumvents the inner Bars. Lancaster Amish quilt bindings are typically wide and here measure 1-1/8" in width.
The outer border has an unusual criss crossing wreath pattern and the blue that encircles the bars has a chevron and windmill quilting pattern. Diagonal cross hatching is the pattern chosen for the Bars in a 7/8" grid. Quilting executed in a basket pattern is seen in the four corner blocks.
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