CONDS4 Lancaster County Amish Bars with Corner Squares
c. 1900
75 x 82 inches
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

This exquisite Lancaster County Bars Corner Blocks Amish quilt is a relatively early piece dating from c.1900. The wool crepe and the colors are indeed both relatively early. I say relatively early as my quilts for sale date back to 1780. Colors are personal. I happen to really like the ones used here; ochre, rust red and medium blue. The backing is late 19th century muted gray checks. Lancaster County Amish woman would use a print, otherwise called English Fabric, for the backing. This quilt is comprised of a 1-1/8” binding, 11-1/2” outer border and a 2-3/4” inner border which circumvents the bars. The outer border has an unusual criss crossing wreath pattern, and the blue that encircles the bars has a chevron and windmill quilting pattern. The bars themselves are diagonally cross hatched in a 7/8” grid. The corner boxes are quilted with a basket motif. There are a very few areas with muted color loss. We have noted these in the closeup photos. This amazing quilt is ready to be sent for you approval.

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