CONEF1 Whig Rose Quilt
86 x 86 inches
New England

So much of our country is focused on politics. However, this is not new to our country. In the 1840's women did not have the right to vote. We literally took this matter into our own hands by creating what is called the Whig Rose pattern. This creation was our way of stating our preference for the Whig Party. Even though this party was short lived many women showed their solidarity by creating this pattern. The quilt we have here is exceptional on many levels. All work was of course executed by hand and is truly exceptional.

Made for a low bed as we can tell by the 9-1/2" border. The meandering rose buds and leaves are meticulously appliqued to the point that most of the stitches are invisible. The main body of the quilt has 16 perfectly appliqued, onto 12" squares, Rose Wreaths on point. The leaves are straight line quilted, emulating the vanes on the leaves. Every other piece is outline quilted with tiny perfectly executed stitches. Every other block, on point, is white. The 1/4" separately applied binding is also corded as is the inside edge of the border. The quilting pattern is something to behold. The border is crosshatch quilted in a 3/4" diagonal grid. Most of the body of the quilt is quilted within 1/2" of each row. There are vines joined with hearts. Was this a wedding gift for a politically minded couple?

I cannot say enough about the amazing ability of the quilt's creator. This is a quilt that any museum or individual would treasure. Coming straight from the family with provenance and now ready for a new home.

I am happy to send, with free shipping, for your approval.

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