CONGG11 Wool Amish Bars with Corner Squares Quilt

69 x 84 inches
Lancaster, PA

The quintessential Lancaster County Amish Bars Quilt is represented here. All wool fabrics date to c.1895 and have been used in the creation of this amazing quilt measuring 69 x 84”. Typically Amish quilts are comprised of few colors. The Amish quilt shown here is comprised of 4 colors. The outside border measures 11-1/2” and is finished with a typical Amish binding of 1-1/8” in width. The corner squares, the signature of the Lancaster Amish, measures 12” square. The inner border measures 3-1/4” in width. Inside this border there are 7 bars each measuring 5-1/2” in width. The colors are alternating Prussian blue and olive brown. The outside border is beautifully quilted with meandering vines and leaves. The inner border is quilted a meandering wreath and vine design with a four leaf clover in the middle of the square of the pattern. The bars are quilted on the diagonal in a 1” grid. All Amish quilts are machine pieced and hand quilted. All the quilting stitches are perfectly executed. The backing is a minuscule black and white gingham check. I am happy to send this out on approval.