CONGG2 Wool Amish Diamond in a Square

77 x 79 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This truly magnificent Diamond in a Square is quintessential Lancaster Amish...We know this because of the corner squares. Shown here are some of the most elaborate and unusual quilting designs that I have ever seen on an Amish quilt. The center diamond on point measures apx 27 x 27” with a radiating center LaMoyne star surrounded by an elaborately quilted wreath design. In between each section of the Ohio or LaMoyne star, there are quilted 4 cloverleaf designs. The triangles surrounding the square are quilted in outlines of beautiful tulips, stems, meandering vines and buds. All quilting is done in slightly contrasting thread. The outside border measures 14-1/2” with the quilt finished with a 1-1/2” flat binding... also typical Amish.

The inside border measures 5-3/4” and contains a meandering grape vine with grapes and leaves. The 4 corner blocks are apx 13-1/2” square and have meandering vine quilted in the shape of a horseshoe. The back fabric is a beige flannel with a floral block print. All Amish quilts are treadle machine pieced and hand quilted. Because the material on the front is all wool, there are places where moths have been... some of the holes have been reverse appliquéd...This, to me, is character, and has resulted in a wonderful price for this amazing textile. Ready to be sent to you for viewing and approval.