CONHO Sunbonnet Sue

83 x 101 inches
New England

A delightfully happy Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt created with fabrics from the 1920’s and 30’s. On this Sunbonnet Sue design some of the Sue’s actually look like they’re walking and dancing. The creator must have been a happy person. Originally this quilt would have been made for a double bed with a large overhang and pillow tuck. Today, it will fit a queen size bed with a 10” overhand and pillow tuck....or a twin or double sized bed. The outer white border measures apx 7-1/2 inches with an unusual Gothic quilting design The innermost 3-1/2 inch pink border is quilted using a chain design.Each little girl is outline quilted. The 1/4 inch binding is applied by machine and closed by hand. The stitches are nice and even. Unused condition..... Organically hand washed and ready for approval in your home.