CONHO10 Cake Stand Quilt
c. 1940
72 x 78 inches
New England

When this quilt was sent to me the owner thought it was a Basket Quilt....well, one like I had never seen... To me it looks like a birthday cake with candles on a cake stand and it is actually called Cake Stand :-) Remember, art is open to personal interpretation. This quilt makes me smile: it's happy :-) The woman who created this quilt had to be not only a gifted quilter but a gifted artist and a happy individual.

Comprised of alternating 7-1/2" blocks on point with all piecing and quilting executed by hand. The cake stand measures 3-1/4" by 6", and is made from three pieces. The cake itself has a base of 6" with 4-1/4" sides. The side "candle" triangles measure 2" by 1-3/8" by 1-3/8". Each piece is outline quilted and in addition there is extra quilting which accents the "candles". The cake stand is made from the same dimensions as the cake pattern with a base added from two triangles, one on each side measuring 2 by 1-1/2 by 1-1/2" plus extra accent quilting.

This very happy quilt is finished with a triple border measuring 3-3/4". The inner most border is white, the middle green border, which is the same color as the cake stand, measures 1-5/8" and the outer white border measures the same. This quilt is finished with a 1/2" separately hand-applied green binding. The only machine work I can find on the quilt is the strip piecing for the outer border.

The delightful cake fabric itself is covered with tiny balloons. The candles are a floral design, bringing together all the colors and adding a splash of purple. The entire quilt is cross hatched on the diagonal, 5/8" apart. The cake stand is outline quilted as each piece, plus there is accent quilting in the design.

This New England quilt, which appears unused, is now organically washed and ready to be sent, free of shipping charges, for your in-home approval.

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