CONHO2 Variation of Crown of Thorns Quilt

84 x 96 inches
New York

This amazing variation of A Crown of Thorns that was created in the 1860s was executed by hand and then packed away for the next 160 years.

The construction of this quilt consists of thirty 10" blocks joined with 2-1/8" sashing. The joining blocks measure 2-1/8" with a double border measuring 2-1/4". The inner 1-1/2" border is made up of split triangles of an early double pink and and an early chrome yellow calico with black bows and tiny red hearts. All sashing is joined with 2-1/8" square at every intersection...The outer 6-1/4" border is in a wonderful calico created from red, minuscule black dots and minuscule white squiggles. This is the same fabric as used for the wholecloth backing. The separately applied binding is in a different early double pink, this one from c.1845.

The blocks are constructed from three fabrics: a wonderful double pink, the same as seen in the split squares, a beautiful chrome yellow calico with tiny hearts, and a 1-1/4" center square in a red calico with black and white dots and a black squiggle.

Every piece on the quilt is outline quilted. In addition, the sashing is quilted in a cross hatch 3/4" pattern. The backing is a beautiful 1850s calico with minuscule squares that look almost like window panes. Due to the printed fabric, the quilting is not easily seen. This quilt is not only graphically wonderful, but will easily fit today's queen size bed with an 18" drop or used on a king size bed with an 8" drop.

This was a mint quilt. Now that it has been organically hand washed, it is called an unused quilt. Please let us know if your would like to see this quilt, sent to your home with free shipping for your approval.