CONHO22 Pair of Deep Rose and White Cross Stitched Album Design Quilts
61 x 89 inches

Talk about symbolism..This pair of cross stitch quilts depict the possible path a couple may follow. First comes love..then commitment..then comes baby in a baby carriage. (or here showing a cradle)

Once again we have an unused pair of quilts that were too precious to use. I bet the maker wished they used them...but, now they need a new home. Made with a lot of love and hundreds of hours of work, these quilts were meant to be used.

The stitches are perfectly matched and show hundreds of hours of work. Each block measures 15" X 15". The border measures 7-1/4", including a 3/8" separately applied binding. The quilting design contains hearts, flowers, vines and crosshatching. The quilting varies from 1' to 1-1/4' with nice even quilting.

There are around 12 different designs, many reminiscent of Baltimore Quilt designs along with the possibility of exciting happenings in the life of a couple.

Now hand washed organically and ready to be sent with free shipping, for your approval.

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