CONHO22A 4 Square Diamond in a Square Quilt
73 x 76 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This pattern is the quintessential Lancaster, PA. Amish quilt...and the most sought after Amish pattern. This mint condition quilt was created from wool crepe, a very expensive and special fabric. Amish could never use printed fabric on the front of their quilts, but a printed fabric on the back was fine to use. The printed fabrics are an important part of dating a quilt. The backing fabric is from the early 1920's and so is this magnificent quilt. From the colors used here I would say that this quilt was started earlier, as in the teens.

The center Diamond measures 28" square on point. Surrounding the center are burgundy triangles measuring 21" X 31" X 21". Next is the border 3-3/4" in width with the signature corner 4 blocks having 3-3/4" sides. Outer borders measure 12" in width which includes a separately applied 1" binding.

For some reason we have trouble correctly capturing some of the Amish colors. The colors used here are sky blue, forest green and burgundy. Amish quilts were pieced by using a treadle machine. All extraordinary quilting was always executed by hand. The designs quilted here are those of a very unusual floral pattern...Wreaths with flowers. Meandering vines with flowers, a scalloped quilting around the center Diamond, and wreaths embellished with flowers resembling the pattern known as Rose Wreath.

This graphically wonderful quilt is ready to hang with the needed "pockets" already applied to the backing.

This quilt can be sent to you, with free shipping, for your final approval.

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