CONHO23 Touching Stars Quilt
c. 1850
76 x 76 inches

This stunningly sophisticated Touching Stars quilt Is not only visually wonderful, but has over the top quilting, both in amount and and in execution. There is a wonderful overdyed green calico and a wonderful dark double pink calico used to create the stars and the inner border. A picture never does a quilt like this justice, but I have tried to take a closeup to better see the quilting.

Pieced both by hand and by treadle machine..quilted by hand. There are hundreds of diamonds with 1-1/2" sides meticulously pieced. The star blocks are quilted with an octagon pattern which I have never before seen. The joining squares measure 9" square and are exquisitely quilted with a wreath design and all other areas quilted in. There is a double border. The inner border measures 1-7/8" with all triangles outline quilted. The outer border measures 4-1/2" and is quilted with an exquisite wreath pattern and then filled in with 3/8" apart diagonal quilting. The quilt is then closed with a treadle machine quilted 1/4" binding turned over from back to front.

This quilt appears almost never to have been used and never washed. I am the first person to wash this quilt. As always my quilts are organically hand washed. I am happy to send this quilt, with free shipping, for your viewing and approval.

Please ask for more information.

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