CONHO24 Folk Art Rose Wreath Quilt
81 x 83 inches

In the earlier part of the 19th century a swag border emulated the drapes in one's home. This quilt shows us a Folk Art rendering of a very sophisticated piece. Khaki and red are a wonderful combination. This palate on this quilt is actually by accident as the Khaki was a tobacco dyed green that oxidized as soon as the fabric was placed in water!

The 9 block formation was also an earlier quilt format. Each block measures 22" square, the border measures 8", which includes a 1/2" separately applied binding. We have two quilt techniques used here. We have piecing and applique. This is a dynamically graphic quilt one treasures for the design and colors......not for its average quilting. We have here outline quilting and crosshatch quilting. Each separate piece is outline quilted.

This graphically wonderful folk art quilt is now hand washed organically and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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