CONHO25 Tree of Life Quilt
c. 1950
72 x 90 inches
New England

Happy happy happy! That is my first emotion upon viewing this quilt. Then we have the intellectual response which is: captivating design, beautifully appliqued and quilted!

The green border and the white areas are machine pieced. The balance of this quilt is beautifully executed by hand including all hand quilted. I do believe this is a pattern that could be purchased during this era. Kit quilts were the rage during the 50's and earlier. The whole-cloth backing along with all other fabrics were supplied. In addition the backing was marked with the quilting design. The craftsmanship was all due to the talent of the quilter and this quilter was talented. In addition to the body of the quilt we have what are called Prairie Points on all edges...a design element that requires a lot of patience.

We also have here a huge array of fabrics dating from the 1940's and 1950's. A delight for a lover of fabric designs.

The idea for this pattern was probably based on the early Tree Of Life Pattern. This is a 20th century rendition.

Here we have a mint quilt...never used and never washed...and ready to be sent to your home with free shipping for your approval.

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