CONHO26 Whimsical Holiday Wreath Quilt
c. 1850
88 x 88 inches

I am always impressed by the creativeness of master quilters. This sophisticated, yet Folky ...what I call a holiday quilt..has incorporated known techniques with original designs.

All work on this quilt has been executed by hand. Applique work goes beyond with each flower and leaf finished with an elaborate variation of a buttonhole stitch. All flowers and vines in the border are outline quilted. The vine border is outline and echo quilted, each flower and leaf are also outlined and echo quilted. There are beautiful vines quilted both horizontally and vertically with the balance of the quilt crosshatch quilted in a 3/4" grid. All quilting stitches are small and perfectly executed.

The wreaths on this quilt were appliqued onto 13" X 13" pieced together and joined with an 8" border. The quilting designs overlap the squares. The flowers, which look more like hearts, are approximately 2" in width. Leaves are approximately 2-1/2" X 2". All of the above are quilted win three rows of straight line quilting. The separately hand applied binding measures 1/4". A backing of fine linen is indicative of the era.

There are three fabrics on the front..Turkey Red, overdyed green and white. Yes, this unusual quilt has been lovingly used yet still in fabulous condition.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent with free shipping for your approval.

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