CONHO27 Folk Art Tulips Quilt with Unique Quilting Design
c. 1855
66 x 74 inches
Origin Unknown

This five design block applique quilt was created around c.1855 using Turkey Red, an over dyed green calico and chrome orange. The bold design created in 18" blocks is stunning in and of itself...However, the amazing quilting design takes this piece to a much higher level. Four 18 inch square blocks are quilted in a radiating sunburst pattern that easily captivates one's eye and holds it there. The quilting design on this applique quilt is truly amazing and one I personally have never seen.

In the later part of the century someone added a border making this quilt larger as must have been needed and quilted it at that time. On two sides they added a triple border of white, red and white measuring 10 inches in width while the other two sides have an added 6 inch border of white, red, white. The quilt is finished with a 1/2" red binding. The border was pieced using a chemical dyed red. The four corners each have a nine patch block usually not seen on earlier quilts.

The applique was done with a treadle sewing machine and then outline quilted by hand. There are areas that have double line quilting also used in much earlier times. Where the backing is the entire quilt and not pieced at the borders the quilting must have been done at that time. Due to the intense quilting on the main part of this quilt I feel that the quilter was older and taught expert quilting which is displayed here.

The lower price is because the border and the main section were created at different times. However, the graphics and the quilting are outstanding.

Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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