CONHO3 Oak Leaves and Acorns

c.1922 or c.1950
77 x 93 inches
Found in Maine

Many times it is difficult to date a quilt comprised only of solid fabrics -- is this quilt from the 1920’s or the 1950’s? The colors lean towards the '50s and the design leans towards the '20s. If anyone has further input, please email me.

This motif of maple leaves and acorns on a taupe backing is unusual. The appliqué stitches are small and beautifully executed. Each appliqué piece is outline quilted with a second row of echo quilting. The appliqué pattern is a 14 inch square while the block is constructed of nine separately appliqued pieces, creating the illusion of a 14-1/2 inch block. However, each of these 12 appliqué motifs is placed on a whole cloth backing and not a separate piece of fabric. The blocks are beautifully joined with miniature wreaths.

The 15-1/2 inch wide border is nicely quilted with wreaths and flowers. The quilting fills all the border space as well as the body of the quilt. The separately applied 1/2 inch binding is executed by hand. The colors of this quilt are very desirable for today's decorating, and are difficult to find. This is a perfect fit for a queen size bed. There are also two sleeves sewn on the back if you choose to hang this quilt as art on your wall.