CONHO4 Tumbling Blocks Quilt

c.1880sbr> 76 x 82 inches
Tennessee or North Carolina

Orange is a color that is hard to find as a major part of an antique quilt. This stunning optical illusion quilt is comprised of a rarely seen color,red and taupe. There are actually two shades of red...a Turkey red is used in the bricks and a red red is used for the border. The color combination is wonderful. The blocks seem to stand upon one another. The simplicity of the colors, due to the fact that they are all solids and not calicoes, lets this graphic piece of art easily complement other designs that are in your home.
This quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted. Each diamond has straight line quilting in the longest direction of the diamond. This quilting design adds to the optical illusion effect by accenting the direction of each diamond. The innermost border, in Taupe, has a unique wave design, while the outermost red border is quilted with an arc design. The binding is a dark Taupe woven tape. The backing is a wholecloth in red. This fabric was obviously purchased for this quilt and points to the fact that the family was of comfortable means.
An amazingly graphic quilt which appears to be organically washed by Betsey and ready to be sent for your in home viewing and approval.