CONHO6 Variation of Signature Block Quilt

94 x 94 inches

This unused Signature Block quilt was started in the 1880s and finished in the 1890s. The way I know this is because the fabrics on the front are from the 1880s and earlier while the wholecloth backing is from the 1890s. As a result, we must date this as an 1890s quilt. I'm having trouble tracking down the exact name of this pattern. If this was made in New England, it would have been called a Signature Block. However this was created in Pennsylvania and I believe it has a different name.

Measuring 94" X 94" this quilt is perfect for a queen sized bed or a king sized bed with a 9" drop, or as an amazing piece of art for your wall. There are thirty-six 11" blocks, each block made up of 41 pieces. The squares measure 2". The blocks are joined with a 2-1/2" red strip with 2-1/2" square corner joining blocks. In addition we have a 6" double outer sashing. The inner strip measures 3", the outer strip measures 2-1/2". The quilt is finished with a separately applied 1/2" binding.

Piecing was executed by machine while all quilting was executed by hand. This is a quilt that one collects because of the graphics, as it is hard to see the quilting on these fabrics.

In perfect unused condition and ready to be sent to your home, with free shipping, for your approval.