CONID1 H-Block Log Cabin Quilt

79 x 85 inches with a tail 10" x 59"; perfect for a queen bed
Ohio - descended from The John Quinch Adams Family; total provenance available upon purchase

What a soothing pallet of colors. Numerous shades of browns and grays make up most of the quilt. Unusual chimneys are crated from black and red plaids, black and red calicoes and white with black wreath and leaf designs.

The logs in this design measure 1-1/8" in width, chimneys are apx. 1" square. Each total block measures 10" square. There is a separately applied hand binding. At the top we have a 5-3/4" wide section across the entire quilt made up of squares with a little under 3" sides. These fabrics are the same date, but different prints from the rest of the quilt, but are original to the front before quilting. The great backing fabric is a geometric print as shown on the closeup. The hand quilting is in a diagonal grid 1" apart. The entire quilt is hand pieced with tiny stitches!

This quilt, with a myriad of today's colors is ready to be hung in a new home. Please ask for this quilt to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.