CONIL Bunny and Starburst Quilt

70 x 80 inches
New England

Have you ever seen a 19th century quilt with bunnies ? I have not .... The circular starburst blocks have a diameter of 10”. This starburst block is one of the hardest patterns to piece because of the teeny tiny elongated triangle points. There are 20 of these very sophisticated blocks. Changing the sophistication of this entire piece are appliqué bunny rabbits in a basket. This is a combination that I have never seen. One way to know that this was made in New England is the fact that there are two borders instead of three. The mentality was, why do something extra if no one is going to see it. It appears to be a work in progress as someone added two borders to fit a child’s bed. We have done some restoration work on this piece as well. The pre 1850 purple is a very hard color to find, as a result you can see where some are a different print. This is a happy quilt made by premier textile artist.