CONJE1 Mennonite Joseph's Coat

c. 1900
77 x 80 inches
Made in Lancaster County, PA
Purchased in Buncombe County, NC

This exquisite Mennonite quilt is called "Joseph's Coat". The 1/3 inch turned over binding is finished by hand. The strips are machine pieced. The quilting is entirely by hand. There are at least four different quilting patterns on the bars, and the same pattern goes from top to bottom. The border diagonal bars are outline quilted. The close-up photo on my web page will give you an excellent image of the quilting detail. At one time when the quilt was folded inside out, some water hit the back of the quilt and there is now a stain on the back which can't be seen from the front. There is one dime sized stain on the front. It is in perfect condition otherwise.