CONJE12 Touching Stars w/ Tulip and Leaf Appliqué Border

c. 1845
85 x 85 inches

This quilt has a 1/4 inch binding and a 6 inch border. The border is made from appliqué leaves and tulips in a turkey red and over-dyed green calico. The over-dyed green calico used in the border is the same used throughout the quilt. The turkey red in the outer border is a flower calico and the turkey red in the main body is a dot patterned calico (one I have never seen in 30 years). The sides of the diamonds are 2 1/4 inches. Tip to tip, the star measures 26 inches. The large joining blocks are 14 1/2 inch squares with magnificent quilted wreaths surrounded by triple line diagonal quilting. All blocks, large and small, have a similar pattern. This quilt would be great for a queen size bed, the top of a king size bed or on the wall.