CONJE12 Touching Stars w/ Tulip and Leaf Appliqué Border

c. 1845
81 x 87 inches

Not only a perfect Christmas quilt, this Touching Stars with tulip and leaves border is graphically wonderful, perfectly executed with quilting, on a scale of one to ten being a fifteen!

Constructed in the 1840s we see one technique that is definitely indicative of that era: triple line quilting. Tripple line quilting is three rows of quilting that are very close together, with 1" spacing to the next three lines of quilting. The quilting stitches are some of the tiniest that I have ever seen.

Each white on point joining block is embellished with an exquisitely quilted wreath, filled in and outlined with triple line quilting. Even the small connecting blocks on point have a wonderfully quilted medallion with the centers and corners triple line quilted. Triple line quilting has been executed through all of the stars. The four outside corners are quilted in the same pattern as the inside white squares on point. The border is exquisitily quilted with half wreath medallions perfectly executed in every open space around the stars. There are dozens of diamonds with approximately 2-1/2" sides. The 6" border with appliqued tulips and leaves has triple line diagonal quilting spaced approximately 1" apart. The quilt is finished with a 1/4" hand applied separate binding.

We have overdyed green, a rare Turkey Red calico with faux quilting lines and pale yellow dots. The outside border was appliqued using a Turkey Red calico with miniatute pale yellow three leaf clovers. The pale yellow on each fabric is basicly the same shade.

All piecing and applique work is perfectly executed by hand.

This exquisite quilt would be an amazing piece of art to enjoy in your home. Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent free of charge for your at home approval.