CONJE14 Strawberries on vines in urns

c. 1850
80 x 80 inches
New England

This exquisitely sophiticated appliqued red, white and green quilt has some of the most intense and minuscule quilting I have ever seen. The amazing design as crowned with an 11 inch wide border of what appears to be an original design of meandering strawberries and vines. The outer 3/8” is a hand applied binding. Even the applique stitching is minuscule. The double line row quilting is indicative of the 1840s. There is so much quilting that the stippling creates a look as if the quilt has been trapuntoed. However, this massive amount of quilting results in what is called stippling. There is some slight wear on the binding. There are one or two pieces on the turkey red strawberries showing slight wear, that we can happily restore for you. The body of the quilt is perfect. This is the only strawberry and vine quilt I have had in 33 years. The work is just outstanding. The urns that the strawberry arrangements are in are reminiscent of the Greek era. The quilt is composed of 3 fabrics, a turkey red, an over dyed green, and a very fine white linen. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your viewing and approval.