CONJE20 Diamond in a Square 4 Poster Quilt

c. 1840
110 x 108 inches
New England

Only in New England were quilts made specifically for 4 poster beds...usually with cut outs to go around 2 posts at the foot of the bed. When you see this style, you may not know which state it’s from, but it’s definitely from New England. The main body of this quilt is comprised of an all over pattern consisting of 9” diamond in a square blocks created from fabrics with dates of c.1780s to c.1840. This perfect condition quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted. We are able to assume this because the quilt pre-dates home use of the treadle machine. The center square in each block has 6-1/2” sides with the block on point. The base of the corner triangles measures 6-1/2“ and the sides are 4-3/4". The huge variety of fabrics used in this piecing could lead someone to call it a scrap quilt, a term from later years. In this case, these pieces of fabrics must have come from an affluent family as they are so expensive. The backing used is homespun linen, and the thread is linen. The edge of the quilt has been pillowcase sewn and then outline stitched to give the impression of a separate binding. One of the photos shown here is the quilt on a queen size bed with a 15” mattress. This was originally made for a very high double bed that would have been 54” wide, but today we can easily use this on a 60" wide queen size bed. Ready to see on approval.