CONJE23 Mennonite Bars Quilt

82 x 86 inches
Mennonite, PA

Yes...this mint condition Mennonite quilt is a wow! What can I say? When viewing this quilt, it actually took my breath away. Stunningly graphic, and, in every sense of the word, feels to me like modern art, though this Mennonite Bars quilt is over a hundred years old.

This Bars quilt has four red borders... The side red borders measure 5" in width; the top and bottom borders measure 7" in width. There are four colored strips; red, mustard, purpleish pink and teal...The stirps vary in width from 2-1/2 to 2-7/8". These measurements are not obvious and are apparent only with a tape measure. This Mennonite beauty has been packed away in such a manner that it appears never to have been used. The red and white checked backing adds a whimsical touch to this quilt. The strips are pieced by machine. The 1/4 inch separately applied binding is finished by hand.

The creative quilting is spaced an inch apart and is executed using different colored threads and different design patterns. This is a true mint quilt which means never used and never washed. It is ready to be sent for your at home viewing.