CONJE25 Star of Bethlehem Quilt
81 x 81 inches
Amish from Pennsylvania

Just received from twenty years in a private collection this mint condition, graphically wonderful perfectly executed masterpiece, which is ready for a new home.

Mint condition in a quilt means never used and never washed. Before it was washed, one was unable to see the quilting pattern. Washing shrinks the unwashed fabric of an all cotton quilt enough so it beautifully "puckers". As a result the quilting becomes almost three dimensional...when nicely quilted, or in this case extensively quilted! Before washing, this amazing quilt measured 82" X 82". Now this quilt measures 81" X 81". One cannot find an area of the quilt that is not exquisitely and perfectly quilted. Each 2" diamond is quilted all around. The beautiful medium blue areas joining the points are each quilted with a medallion motif or a half medallion motif. All areas in and around these medallions are also beautifully quilted. Some areas are even double lined quilted.

All piecing was executed by machine as is typical of the Amish and Amish quilting technique. Obviously it is not due to lack of skill. The 1/4" separately applied binding was added by machine and closed by hand. The wholecloth backing is an exquisite 1890s fabric in a minuscule print of black, green, and white.

This exquisite quilt would fit a queen size bed with 10" over each side or become a truly amazingly graphic piece of art for your wall. When hanging this quilt in a curatorially correct manner, or when placed on a bed, the bottom and sides of this quilt are perfectly straight and will not wave as it does in the photo.

This masterpiece is organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.