CONJE30 Optical Illusion Triple Irish Chain 9-patch 4-block Quilt

74 x 76 inches
Ametican South

Wow! I know I've said that before but here is another one. This quilt is a visual optical illusion triple Irish chain/nine patch/four square. One would have needed to be a wonderful mathematician and graphic designer, in order to create this textile art and well before her time working for others with these skills..

Machine pieced and meticulously hand quilted, this civil war era quilt is comprised of white, light green, red, and light pumpkin. There is one obvious 2-1/2" square that is a muted yellow. Because this square is blatant and this quilt is so perfect, I believe the maker was trying to stay humble and show that she was not perfect. Modesty was a respected virtue.

This graphic quilt is comprised of hundreds of 2-1/2" squares, two 8" borders and two 2-1/2" borders. There is a hand applied 1/2" binding in the same white as the borders and squares. The border is entirely quilted with a meandering vine and cross hatched every 3/4". The large white areas are completely quilted with an exquisite wreath and cross hatched every 3/4" in all other open areas. All of the squares are diagonally quilted in a style typical of the 1840s. By that I mean 3 rows of quilting approx 3/8" apart, skipping 5/8" and then repeating this pattern. All piecing is done by machine, but the quilting is minute and meticulous. The fabrics are very soft, however there is no wear and the quilt appears never to have been used.

This visual masterpiece would create an exciting piece of art for your wall.

This quilt is ready to be sent to you for your at home approval.