CONJE31 Folk Art Rose of Sharon Quilt

c.Mid 19th century
69 x 81 inches
Beaufort County, North Carolina

This is what's called a folk art version of the very sophiticated Rose of Sharon pattern. The colors are very typical of North Carolina and are mostly home-dyed fabrics. The lighter shades that show up on the light brown fabric were there before the quilt was created. There is positive proof of this in the fact that many of the faded areas end at a seam.

This mint condition quilt is, I feel, one of a kind. The quilt is pieced, appliqued, and reverse appliqued. The center of each motif has reverse applique of a painstaking level. The creator of this quilt has combined folk art with very serious and formal designs. The observation that I am making is the difference in the sashing design from southern quilts to northern quits. In 34 years I have never see a northern quilt that has sashing strips that do not completely connect vertically and horizontally. But at this point, I have had a few that have a similar visual configuration that are also Southern. There is a tiny nibble on the binding on one of the short sides. Other than that, this quilt appears to have never been used or washed.

The blocks measure approximately 18" square. The triple sashing measures 4-1/2" top to bottom, 6" side to side. There is 4" border on two sides and a 7-1/2" border on two sides. The horizontal sashing is cross hatched in approximately 1-1/4" grid. The vertical sides are diagonally quilted between 3/4" and 1-1/4" apart. All borders appear to have the old fashioned triple lines design: 3 rows, space, 3 rows, space. The folk art design is outline quilted with an unusual diamond and zigzag quilting around each piece. The backing is a cotton homespun fabric. All piecing, quilting, applique, and reverse applique are executed by hand. The binding is 3/8" hand applied using a funky fabric that I am unable to decipher. All brown fabrics appear to be home dyed. The teal and blue were, I believe, purchased.

This amazing North Carolina texile Folk Art is ready to be sent to you for your in-home approval.