CONJE32 Mountains Quilt

87 x 91 inches
New England

This wonderful delectable mountains quilt has, like all quilts, a story, a history. This quilt, that I just received on consignment, has a history, part of which I know. Over 30 years ago during my 10 years in Colorado, my company actually restored this quilt for another dealer. This quilt was then sold to my client, who has had it in his collection for over 25 years. When I opened the box, it was like seeing an old friend. Yes, I do remember the quilts my company has restored. Maybe not the names of all my wonderful clients, but the quilts and their images.

In the early times of our country, mountains were difficult to traverse. I am assuming the delectable mountain pattern was portraying a happy image of what would have been a very dangerous trip traversing very dangerous mountains.

Due to the fabrics used here, we know that this was made in an affluent family. We have some valuable, expensive fabrics used to create this quilt. As a fabric junkie, I find this quilt delightful. Made entirely by hand, as this quilt was made before the home use of sewing machines. There are many many antique quilts where one can see that people did not need to use the same fabrics, that they could mix and match or share fabrics.

Measuring 87" X 91", this quilt would perfectly fit a queen sized bed with 15" over each side. Do you have a gently used guest room where this quilt could be safely displayed? It has been may years since I have had a delectable mountain quilt. This one is cross hatch quilted, quilted with O's.... I'm not sure if this is supposed to be reminiscent of snowballs or ...The quilting stitches are minuscule and perfectly executed. There is a 3-1/2" border, of which there is a 3/8" separate applied binding.

This is a quilt for a collector. It may not be totally perfect, as most of my quilts are, but it is a delight. Organically washed and ready to be sent for your at home approval.