CONJE44 Early Abstract Amish Quilt

63 x 79 inches

A lot of individuals think of Lancaster, PA Amish quilts before those created in other states. This early Amish quilt looks as if it could enter the catagory of modern art! Actually it is a true antique, being over 100 years old.

Offered here is an early Illinois Amish quilt created in block design where most blocks are a rendition of a crazy quilt. A selection of very fine fabrics were used in the creation of this abstract Amish quilt. We have fine cotton sateens, fine cottons, flannels, wool challies and more. The fabrics used for the sashing and joining blocks are a high quality cotten sateen.

The quilting designs differ greatly from those used by the Lancaster County Amish. This fabulous early piece, to me, is captivating due to its design, not due to the elaborate quilting of the Lancaster Amish. For some reason we have trouble photographing the true quality of the colors of Amish quilts. We have used here deep blues, deep purples, blacks grays, as well as joining blocks of a deep rich rusty orange. The blocks measure apx 7 x 9-1/2", outside border is 7", binding is 3/8", sashing is 3-1/2".

The wholecloth backing is a heavy, high quality beige pin-striped cotton fabric.

What a wonderfully abstract graphic early Amish quilt, created between 1900 and 1920.

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