CONJE45 Amish Square in a Square Quilt

68 x 72 inches
Holmes County, Ohio

Many people think of Amish quilts as primarily from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. However, different Amish sects in different areas of Pennsylvania and other states have created a myriad of wonderful quilts very different from the Lancaster County quilts. Even though this quilt is almost 100 years old one can view this quilt as feeling modern in design.

Holmes County Ohio is where this unusual quilt was designed and created. The Holmes County Amish are known for their use of black and dark green. In the case of this quilt, dark green was ther color of choice. A combination of 16 patch and square in a square, combined as part of a bars formation, then surrounded by a triple border, has been executed to form a graphic work of art.

In perfect unused condition, this Amish quilt was created circa 1930. A quilt in mint condition means never washed and never used. Pieced by machine, as typical of Amish quilts, then hand quilted. The solid turquoise bars and outside forest green are quilted in a one cross hatch grid. The pieced squares are quilted on the diagonal and the two inner borders are quilted in what looks like a water droplet and a floral quilting design. The binding on this quilt is a 3/8" applied binding in a lighter blue.

Originally part of the Esprit collection in California and now looking for a new home. If you have the old Esprit catalog, the number is 585-013.