CONJE47 Amish Bricks Child's or Hired Man's Bed Quilt

45 x 65 inches
Holmes County, Ohio

Coming from Holmes County, Ohio, this Amish Bricks Pattern quilt was created from the fabrics used in the creation of their clothing. Due to the size of this quilt it is called a hired man's bed or a child's quilt. Either term is applicable.

The overall size of this quilt is 45" X 65". The outer border, in black, measures 8-1/4" of which there is a 5/8" seperately applied binding. The inner border in blue measures 2-3/8".

I have reason to believe this to have been a mother-daughter project. The design and piecing are absolutely perfect. Because of the dark colors, one cannot see the quilting design on most of the pieces. If you look closely you will see that even though the stitches are even, they are not the usual tiny size. The quilting looks as if a young lady may have assisted her mother; possibly her first quilt. The size of this quilt makes it perfect to use as a wall hanging. The design of the quilt makes it possible to use either horizontally or vertically.

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