CONJE49 Original Design Oak Leaves and Gift Box Quilt

72 x 91 inches
Zanesville, OH

How wonderful to find an original design in what appears to be a Christmas quilt. This very talented woman not only was a creative designer, but an over the top quilter.

The appliqued and pieced blocks measure 14" X 15", vertical sashing between blocks measures 5-1/2", horizontal sashing measures 7". The triple border is 7" in with and is comprised with an inner row of Flying Geese measuring 1-7/8", the middle white section is 3-1/2" and the outer Flying Geese row is 1-3/4". There is a separately applied 1/4" corded binding.

The quilting is totally over the top. We have diagonal quilting 3/8" apart on the appliqued blocks, The vertical and horizontal sashings have triple line quilting 1/8" apart that is so dense the quilt becomes stippled in those areas. The same quilting design, in diagonal rows is executed on the border. All over the top quilting!

The five fabrics used here are white, overdyed Green, faded very early Turkey Red Calico, and a compatible overdyed green. The backing is a white linen.

This amazing quilt is now organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.