CONJG1 Original Turkey Red and Off White Broken Star Design

76 x 84 inches
East Coast

This superb Turkey Red and white Broken Star quilt is comprised of blocks measuring 15” tip to tip plus the Swag border. The square joining blocks are 8-1/2” and the small diamond joining areas are 4-1/2”. All diamonds used throughout this quilt have 1-3/8” sides. The diamonds, stars and blocks are all hand pieced. The quilt is hand quilted with a few of the curved part of the swags machine outlined top stitched as well as the 3/8 inch Turkey Red binding.....why..I have no idea except to brag that this woman possessed a treadle rare at this time in history! The 8" swag border is one we see on early American quilts always with straight sides. In the 20th century, this design changed to scalloped edges. This border represents the drapes in the bedroom with tassel ties. The swag and swag border are echo quilted, the main body is straight line cross-hatched with the design of the pattern. Looking at this quilt, it’s hard to decipher how it’s constructed. The woman who pieced this quilt had an amazing eye for design. This quilt will fit a queen bed with the 8” swag hanging over the three sides. The top of the quilt doesn’t have the swag because the early New Englanders thought it unnecessary if you weren’t going to see it. The piecing, design and graphics on this quilt are very sophisticated. I believe that the quilting was executed by a different person. We have organically hand washed this wonderful quilt and it is now ready to be sent for your approval.