CONJM27 Original Folk Art Quilt

Pre 1860
71 x 71 inches

I am so excited when finding a quilt design that I have never seen before..Well, here is a wonderful early folksy southern quilt. The fabrics contradict themselves...we have very expensive wool challies combined with home dyed homespun fabrics. A puzzle...Was this quilt made by a servant of a wealthy family using their fabrics along with the fabrics of the designer?... or a less affluent family that was able to procure remnants of exquisite fabrics?... Or still the possibility of an afluent woman who thought outside the box of convention and may have put away this quilt because it was so far "out of what was the expected" for a lady of position.

How has this Virginia quilt survived all these years including through the 1860's turmoil of our country?

The blocks now measure 11" square ...When originally created and before quilting, the blocks would have been slightly larger. The joining sashing is 2" wide, the strips outlining the squares on point measure 7/8" in width and the squares on point are 3". A wide 1" applied binding frames the quilt. The linen backing fabric is a home dyed oak color. Diagonal quilting covers the entire quilt.

A true fresh, out of a private collection, artistic masterpiece which will enhance the beauty and originality of your home.