CONJP3 Pictorial Ruby McKim Quilt

77 x 97 inches
New England

Created with our patriotic colors is this pictorial c.1930 Ruby McKim stencils quilt. The Mckim stencils have a very distinct format in that the corners are curved and not at a 45 degree angle and very distintive in design.

Created from 10" X 11" stencil design blocks which are embroidered with a deep red cotton twist on off-white chambray fabric. The alternating blocks are a deep medium blue fabric which is also a wonderful chambray. The deep, true red color whole-cloth backing and binding are of the same fabric..chambray. I piont out this fact because chambray fabric is slightly heavier and more durable than most cotton fabrics.

There is a 5" sashing joining the blocks, horizontally and vertically. In addition there is a continuous border extending 6-3/8" beyond the 5" sashing. This is not a separate piece of fabric but is part of the outside sashing. The separate hand applied binding is 3/8". All embroidery and quilting has been executed by hand while piecing was executed by machine.

The pictures embroidered here are representative of a prior concept of early colonial America. The constant in our lives is our American flag, here represented with the 13 stars of early colonial America. The flag would have developed at a later era, but the quilter chose to provide this patriotic symbol along with the others. We have pictorial renditions dating from the 1400s to the late 1700s. There is wonderful quilting on this piece, some of which may be original designs. There are tulips, chain stitching and other embellishments.

We are providing a picture of the whole-cloth backing showing clearly the creative quilting designs. In addition, each embroidered pattern is also outline quilted.

This happy patriotic quilt, coming directly from the family, appears never to have been used and is now organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your at-home approval.

Family name upon sale.