CON LC 1 Center Medallion with Rare Cheater Cloth
There are eight rows of various pieced patterns extending out from the center medallion, and these rows are both hand and machine pieced. The fabrics on this piece are unusual! There are three “cheater cloth” fabrics: the fourth and seventh rows from the center are of cheater cloth, and the backing is another cheater cloth in an abstract pattern. Please see detail images. All three are companion fabrics in the same colorway. Additionally, the fabrics on the quilt date from the c.1860’s-90’s. Two rows of 2 inch triangles surround the center medallion in a medley of plaids and prints in colors ranging from deep greens and browns to wines, ecru and black. Two additional 3 1/2 inch wide rows of triangles in chrome yellow and large black on white dots surround the inner cheater cloth border. The outer cheater cloth border is surrounded by 3 1/2 inch wide blocks in multiple prints and hues in strip formation.
72 x 72 (182.9 x 182.9 cm)

This unique quilt is hand quilted using dark thread in cross-hatch stitching across the entire quilt. It has a separately applied binding in a gorgeous print of brown, teal, gold and ecru. This quilt is in mint condition, and is an incredible graphic piece of art for wall or bed. Please contact us if you’d like to see this quilt in your home on approval. We’re happy to ship it to you.