CONLF24 Ohio Star for Poster Bed

78 x 88 inches
New England

Stars were and still are one of the most beloved quilt designs. This pattern is an Ohio Star also called a LaMoyne Star. Quilts created for poster beds with "tails" going between the foot posts, were a specific New England creation. Easy to put on and take off the bed ,plus why waste precious fabrics for an area of a quilt that was not needed.
This specific poster quilt will fit a queen size bed even though originally created for a double bed. Some people turn the quilt around a put the tail over the pillows. There variety of fabrics is wonderfully captivating. Colors range from Indigo Blue to dark brown, tans , red and black stripes ,calicoes and stripes...just exquisite !
Each star block measures 7" of which there are 74 . The entire quilt is crosshatched in a 1 1/4 " grid. There is a separate 1/8" applied white binding. Yes, due to the age all work is done by hand. The front fabrics are all cotton..the backing is a very fine linen.
In perfect unused condition , organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your at home approval