CONLK1 Postage Stamp Trip Around the World
72 x 80 inches
Ohio (Family name given upon sale)

This Postage Stamp Trip Around the World is comprised of over 4200 1” squares and is absolutely mind boggling for the amount of precise and graphically perfect piecing in this quilt. :-) There are over 40 different fabrics, solids and calicos, all pieced and quilted meticulously by hand. The border is wonderfully finished with prairie points and pillowcase edged. The quilting is wonderfully executed. Because of the 80" size this amazing quilt will fit a queen size bed or completely cover the top of a king size bed. As you can see, this quilt is also a major piece of art for a wall in your home. Where there is not an actual top or bottom, you can hang it either way. The direction it’s shown here, vertically, adds height to the room. If you want to add width to a room, you’d hang it the other way. In perfect, unused condition. Organically washed by Betsey and ready for your viewing. I’m happy to send it on approval.